Samsung Galaxy S4 and Story Album app

Since getting my Samsung Galaxy S4 when it was first released in April 2013, I never had any luck getting the Story Album app to work on my phone. The Story Album is one of those “unnecessary” apps that come preloaded on your phone and can’t be uninstalled without having your phone rooted.                                                                                                                                                                                       137391223201c107_l

According to Samsung, “Story Album lets you organize your photos and create albums based on specific events. You can even apply themes and display photos in various layouts. Then print the photos through an online service and hold the memories in your hand.”


When you try to create an album on this app, you get a blank screen with this message “unfortunately story album has stopped” and the app crashes.


I am really surprised with Samsung that they haven’t released a fix or statement about this issue as it seems to be happening to a lot of users. Well the issue has to do with the Date settings and the Story Album app.

  1. Pull down your notifications (Do you notice that your date is missing?)
  2. Close notification and go to your date/time settings (Settings –>More–>Date and time)
  3. Click Select date format and select any choice.
  4. Pull down your notifications and make sure the date appears on the top (next to the time)
  5. Start Story album and create an album.
  6. Happy Story album-ing